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Mine Building on Hillside, Elizabeth Mine
1860 - 1900
This historic photograph documents some abandoned mine buildings at the Elizabeth Mine in Strafford, VT. In the foreground, a large delta feeds in to a small stream that runs across the bottom of the photograph. This delta is characterized by different colored sediment, which appears much lighter in color then the surrounding hillside. This area is full of shrubs and meager looking deciduous tree. Beyond the stream are two dilapidated mine buildings. The buildings are characterized by wood sheathing, with tall smokestacks, and numerous timber framed tramways and chutes. Litter surrounds the base of both buildings, and can be followed up the hillside. The hillside is devoid of trees, and appears to be composed entirely of loose sediment. A road has been cut into the side of the hill slope in the bottom of the photograph, which can be identified by the landslides that have propagated from the cut area. Two smaller mine buildings can be seen on the top of the hill, and mountains can be seen in the background. These mountains appear forested with a mix of conifer and deciduous tree species. Season spring. Gwenda Smith: writes on 2006-12-17: Former smelter buildings at the Elizabeth Mine, Tyson era, abandoned after about 1905.
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