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Boy and Dog Fishing in Marshfield
Bruce O. Nett captured this farm complex in Marshfield in the spring of 1962. A creek enters in the foreground of the image, cuts through the thick, green, riparian foliage, and disappears around a bend. A simple, wood bridge, consisting of wood planks over rough logs. A young boy and a dog sit on the edge of the bridge, looking down towards the water. The boy holds a fishing rod and wears jeans and a t-shirt. A splash in the water below the fishing rod indicates that the bobbin on the end of the line has been moving. A red bicycle lays on its side on the right bank of the creek, in the foreground of the image. A pasture, enclosed by a barbed-wire fence, spreads out beyond the bridge. Black and white Holstein cows graze in the pasture. A farmhouse and large, gambrel-roof barn are located at the far edge of the pasture. A dirt road enters on the left edge of the photograph and passes the farm complex. An automobile is parked next to a large shrub and a small, deciduous tree across the road from the house. Wood, utility poles line the both sides of the road. Hills forested with conifers and deciduous trees rise in the background. All rights reserved, copyright Vermont Life Magazine. Contact Vermont Life at
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Marshfield - Bruce O. Nett
Animals; Automobiles; Barns; Beef Cattle; Bicycles; Boys; Bridges; Bridges,Wooden; Buildings; Cattle; Chimneys; Conifers; Culture; Dairy Cattle; Dairy farming; Deciduous; Dogs; Dwellings; Earth Materials; Electric lines--Poles and towers; Farm buildings; Fishing; Flowers; Forests and Plants; Geology; Hills; Human Activity; Human Constructs; Landforms; Landscapes; Living Things; Living things; Nature; Outbuildings; Pastures; People; Plants; Recreation; Riparian plants; Rivers; Roads; Roads,Earth; Rocks; Rural; Rural roads; Season; Shrubs; Spring; Stone walls and Fences; Time; Transportation; Trees; Wire fencing; Wood poles; Wooden fences; Wooden-frame buildings;
Vermont Life
Bruce O. Nett
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