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Baseball Diamond at South (Callahan) Park
In this picture we see the baseball diamond at South (Callahan) Park in Burlington. In the foreground of the photo the ground is dirt. The dirt is streaked with tire tracks. There are numerous wooden poles sticking out of the ground. There are two mounds of dirt that are covered in green tarps. In the center of the photo we can see the infield of the baseball field; which is covered in grass with the dirt pitcherís mound protruding from the center. Past the infield we can see three poles supporting lights for nighttime games. There are two structures visible in the middle of the photo, which are baseball dugouts; one for each team. Behind center plate we can see a series of tall metal poles sticking out of the ground. It appears that these metal poles will be involved in the construction of a new cage. To the left side of the image we see a grass hill sloping down towards the baseball diamond. Behind the field we see a stand of trees, which are mostly deciduous. Some of the deciduous trees have started budding and others havenít yet. There are also several coniferous trees showing. Compared to the earlier photo of the area, we can see the grandstand has been demolished and a new field is currently being constructed. Also there are many more trees growing in the background than previously.
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Kyle Adelman
Kyle Adelman
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