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House with snow
This color image shows a tan house at 34 Gates Street in Hartford, Vermont. The angular position of the house allows its front and left sides to be seen. On the front of the house, 5 windows with white trim are visible as is the front door in the bottom right corner. Cement steps lead up to the door and are bordered by a thin metal railing. On the left side of the house, a second entrance leads to an attached portion of the house. Several windows surround the section and a green mailbox is seen to the right of the door. A paved walkway leads from the street to the side door. The roof appears to be metal and one chimney stands on the house’s highest point. In the foreground, a small lawn extends toward the street. Two small bushes stand in front of the house. Additionally, a small patch of melting snow is visible. To the far right of the image, a neighboring yellow house stands. In the background of the image, a steep hill covered with trees extends to the back of the photo. The weather is sunny and the season appears to be early spring as the small amount of snow seems to be melting. In the historic photo, the door and roof of the house appear a different color and of a different construction. Additionally, the shrubs in the foreground appear much larger in the modern image and the cars that line the street are no longer present in the reshot. The season is likely summer as the trees in the background have many leaves and the shrubs on the lawn are blossoming.
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Buildings; Culture; Deciduous; Driveways; Dwellings; Forests and Plants; Garages; Geology; Hills; Human Constructs; Landforms; Landscapes; Living Things; Nature; Roads; Season; Snow; Time; Trees; Village communities; Winter; Wooden-frame buildings;
Erin Taylor
Erin Taylor
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Erin Taylor
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