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168 Archibald Street: Ohavi Zedek Synagogue
The Synagogue of the Jewish Congregation, Ahavey Zedeck was the first Jewish synagogue in Burlington, Vermont. Located on the northwest corner of Hyde and Archibald Streets, its original structure is believed to have been built in 1887. The synagogue’s base was an old stone shed and was constructed as a small white frame building with acute Puritan lines of architecture. It was a cellarless one story structure with a high pitched roof, and tall windows. The ground floor level was only two steps from the street with no lobby or foyer, allowing congregants to directly step into the house of worship. The main entrance was in the middle of the right wall on the Hyde Street side and was slightly to the rear of the bimah (which is the raised platform in the middle of the synagogue.) There was additional entrance from Archibald Street into the classroom which ran the entire width of the building. Crudely constructed from a double trapped door opening in the floor was the mikvah (women’s ritual bath). This photo was taken at later spelled Ohavi Zedek, this synagogue changed very little until 1902, when the building was renovated. During this time, the building was faced with bricks, and a balcony was added. A modern mikva was installed. The renovations were modeled after the old St. Stephens church in Winooski (without the steeple.) This Synagogue was structured in the form of Gothic Revival. The building has with crisp lines, distinctively pointed arched windows and door, a single chimney, and a steep vaulted roof. The structure is still directly off of the main dirt road. A single tree hides the fourth window facing Hyde Street. There are also two small shrubs.
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Archibald Street Sign
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