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A Boy and His Cow

A Boy and His Cow
Photo shows a young boy and his calf. Single chimney, clapboard house and trees in background. Stefanie Lane (wq1962005) writes about LS04909_000.jpg 2005-1-6: This is an image of a young man and a cow. The young man is formally dressed, and the cow is small. The boy appears to be posing for a formal picture with his cow. They are standing in a field composed of short grasses. In the immediate background there is a residential home and a slight glimpse of another building to the left of the home. The house has one window and door on the right side, and no windows on the length of the house. In the far background of the picture there are an abundance of coniferous trees that appear to be part of a large forest. The grasses are short which indicates the fields have either just been cut or it is wintertime. Elijah Irving (wq1962005) writes about on 2005-1-6. This is a photograph of a boy standing next to a calf that looks to be fairly young due to its small size. The boy also appears very young in age. He is standing in front of a very old Vermont style house that resembles many that you see today broken down on back country roads in Vermont. To the left there is a smaller building possibly a stable or a barn for storing farming supplies. This is probably the home of a family that runs a small farm for survival purposes because it seems to be very simple setup. You can tell the photo was taken in the early 1900s (even though it says that ) from the old style home and the style of clothing the boy is wearing. The property he is standing on appears to be clear cut because there are trees all along the back of the property. This picture is definitely taken in the late spring or summer because there are leaves on the trees and even though the photo is black and white the weeds seem to flourishing.
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