About the Landscape Change Program

The mission of the Landscape Change Program is to preserve, present, organize and make widely accessible, images of Vermont landscapes as they were and as they are. Our goal is to illustrate the complex interaction and feedbacks between people and the physical and biological landscapes on which they live. Using images and their interpretation, we seek to integrate science, history and the human experience. Through images and the information they contain, we strive to understand better, landscape function and change in response to both human and environmental forces.

The Landscape Change Program is a service of the University of Vermont and is based in the Geology Department. The core of the program is the website, a community archive containing thousands of images. As funding permits, we are committed to active community outreach including hands-on work with schools and in classrooms.

The Landscape Change Program website has many uses. Vermonters use the site to see their history. Geologists use the site to see the impact of storms and logging. Historical societies and museums use the site to make their collections available to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Town planners use the site for historical perspective. Teachers use the site to give their students a sense of place and of history by adopting or adapting the curricular modules we provide.

We partner with museums, historical societies, libraries, and citizens to obtain digital copies of original landscape images and host these images for public viewing. Low resolution images are available free of charge. High resolution originals are available directly from contributing organizations.

We provide the website as a public service. It is intended as a resource for both formal and informal science and history education. It is our hope that the images we collect and display will inform a variety of debates and decisions regarding land use and the environment of the Green Mountain State by providing primary data for research of all kinds

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