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Agriculture has been one of the most significant factors in shaping the Vermont landscape, and more than two-centuries of that farming legacy is evident in the built environment. Although farms often consisted of a number of out-buildings, the barn is truly the most visible and is the hallmark of the Vermont agricultural landscape. New technologies and improved farming practices continued to shape the style and construction of Vermont barns. Knowing the dates of these changes can help one narrow the date of an historic image that contains a barn.

There are a number of important features that one should examine in their historic barn image. Since farmers continually changed and updated their barns with new technology, it is important to look at all these features and try to determine which feature of the barn has the latest date.

Click on a feature below to learn more about barn styles and construction.

Sheathing Materials (i.e. clapboards)
Barn Doors
Foundations and Basements
Cupolas and Ventilators
Barn Styles
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