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Although billboards were banned in Vermont in 1968, they once lined the highways and interstates that cross the state. These signs convey a lot of information about the values of the era and can be an important clue to the date of an image. The evolution of the billboard goes hand-in-hand with the evolution of the automobile. The speed of the automobile, the growing infrastructure of the roadways, the increasing popularity of vehicular transportation, and the consumer culture of roadside businesses all contribute to the size, placement, and style of billboards.

Click on the thumbnail below that closely resembles the billboard style in your image.

Early Bill Posting Simple Messages/Humble Folks Athletics
Early Billposting Smaller Messages Athletic Women
Classical Billboards/Poster Parks Romantic Landscapes Forward America/American Way
Classical Billboard Landscapes Forward America
Appliances Modern Animated/Three-dimensional
Cutouts/Silhouettes Streamliner
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