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Women's Hairstyles

The more careless look of the 1870s hairstyles carried over into the 1880s. Bangs were still frequently worn, and the curly, frizzy locks were quite popular. Hair was often piled loosely atop the head. The women in the images below display a variety of 1880s styles. Most have loosely piled hair, curled or frizzy bangs, and locks of hair carelessly falling from their buns.

1880s Careless Locks

1880s Careless Locks 1880s Careless Locks

1880s Careless Locks: Image courtesy of Joan L. Severa, Dressed for the Photographer: Ordinary Americans and Fashion, 1840-1900, 1995

As the 1880s neared an end, women began to grow out their bangs, and they often parted them in the center. The bangs on the women in the top image have grown long, and the woman at the top left has parted hers in the middle. Both women in the image at the bottom sport the parted bangs.

Late 1880s Long Bangs

Late 1880s Long Bangs: Image courtesy of Joan L. Severa

Late 1880s Parte Bangs

Late 1880s Parted Bangs: Image courtesy of Joan L. Severa

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