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The 1890s marked a revolution in women's fashion. During the 1890s, Americans were able to afford more clothing per capita than ever before, and a greater variety of clothing was available. Women also had a greater freedom in their attire and more independence about what they wore. The dictates of fashion were significantly more lenient, and there was a greater demand for plain, functional clothing. Swimming, biking, and tennis, plus a number of other sporting activities, prompted a larger variety of active wear for women. Bicycling, considered the great emancipator of women, allowed women to don reform dress - i.e. shorter skirts and bloomers. Catalog shopping boomed with Rural Free Delivery Service in 1896, and companies like Montgomery Wards and Sears and Roebuck cashed in on mail-order shopping. Sewing was simpler and patterns more available, but readymade clothing was significantly more abundant.

What type fashion do you see in your historic image?

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