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The extravagance of the late 19th century Victorian era carried over into the early 20th century and continued to flourish in the fashion industry. In fact, the first decade of the 20th century was more decadent than the previous decades and culminated in some of the most excessive, complex, and restrictive women's fashions. Evening wear and daytime attire showed little differentiation, and ever-expanding department stores of ready-made clothing and "glossy" fashion magazines allowed everyone to keep up with this high-style trend. Postcards and cigarette cards also catered to women seeking the latest trend, and brought fashion to an even wider audience. Deemed the "La Belle," "poque," or "The Age of Opulence", the early 1900s marked the last of the excesses of fashion and ushered in a new era of modern dress. Women began to grow tired of the demands of fashion - the constant update of the wardrobe, the repair of delicate frills and lace, the long time spent dressing everyday, the high cost of the necessary fashion accoutrements, and the increasingly uncomfortable costumes into which they were squeezed and stuffed. By 1908, the active, more independent and career-oriented woman demanded something new. Men's fashions, on the other hand, changed little from the late 1890s and seemed to have come to a standstill. Men would eventually break out of their confining dress suits, but during the early 1900s, they still conceded to the same pieces of clothing that had been filling their wardrobes for decades.

What type fashion do you see in your historic image?

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