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The fashion revolution began in 1908 and brought a completely fresh look into the 1910s. The absurd, corseted shape of the 1910s woman became more natural during the 1910s, and clothing toned down its lavishness considerably. The "New Woman" that emerged in 1908 was more comfortable, more active, more educated, more independent, and more career-driven. Fashion changed little during WWI, but the mass-produced clothing industry soared in the post-war years. A larger variety of inexpensive clothing was available, allowing fashion to move away from the strict high-style clothing of the 1900s and into a market of quality, affordable clothing for all. Women continued to reject the antiquated notions of femininity, and an even larger reform in dress emerged at the end of the 1910s. By the end of the decade, men's fashions, too, would evolve into something more mainstream and more casual.

What type fashion do you see in your historic image?

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