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Chevron and Calso

Standard Oil of California emerged in 1911 upon the breakup of the Standard Oil Company and trademarked the Chevron name and the three-bar chevron logo.

1911 Logo 1911 Logo

During WWII, the company adopted the "winged V" logo to symbolize victory.


Originally, Chevron remained local to the western United States. In 1946, the company adopted the Calso name for the northeastern market, including Vermont, using the red and white station design seen below.

1946 Logo 1946 Logo

In 1955, Chevron adopted its hallmark red, white, and blue logo.

1955 Logo 1955 Logo

In 1958, all Calso stations in the Northeast were converted to Chevron stations, using the logo designs developed for the Chevron market in 1955, as seen below.

1958 Logo

In 1969, the company developed a new logo consisting of two bold red and blue stripes topped with the Chevron name.

1969 Logo

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