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Railroad Depots

The most notable of all the structures associated with the railroad is the depot. These passenger stations were often prominently located within communities and usually boasted the fashionable architectural styles of the era. Many depots have remained through the years, outlasting the closing of many passenger lines in Vermont. However, a number of them were also demolished or replaced. The following list is a chronicle of many of the train stations that once existed, or still do exist, in Vermont. Towns are listed alphabetically by county. And stations are listed chronologically by town. Often a town had several stations over the years. The list is not comprehensive, and some of the dates are rough.

If your station is not on the list, learn how to identify a date by the architectural style.

Addison Co. Bennington Co. Caledonia Co.
Bristol: 1892-present Arlington: 1911-present Danville: 1895-present
East Granville: 1882-present Bennington: 1898-presen East St. Johnsbury: 1873-present
Leicester: 1905-present Manchester: 1900-present Groton: 1873-present
Middlebury: 1891-present North Bennington: 1880-present St. Johnsbury: 1877-1883, 1883-present
New Haven: 1868-present
North Ferrisburg: 1870-present
Vergennes: 1852-present
Chittenden Co. Essex Co. Franklin Co.
Burlington Union Station: 1916-present Island Pond: 1904-present East Swanton: (closed in 1926)
Burlington, CVR: 1861-1913 (expanded in 1896) West Concord: 1921-present Enosburg Falls: 1890-present
Bolton: 1849-1912, 1912-? (closed 1929) Georgia: 1850-?
Colchester: 1850-? (closed 1929) Highgate: 1850-1892, 1892-?
Essex Junction: 1849-1860, 1860-present Highgate Springs: ?-1906, 1906-?
Jericho: 1877-present North Enosburg: ?-1903
Milton: 1850-1902, 1902-? Richford, C & PR Railroad: 1881-present (updated in 1940)
Richmond: 1849-? Richford, CVR: late th century-present
Shelburne: 1890-present Richford, Missisquoi Railroad: 1872-?
Williston: 1849-? (closed 1930) Sheldon Junction: 1888-?
St. Albans: 1850-1866, 1866-?
Swanton: 1850-1875, 1875-present
Grand Isle Co. Lamoille Co. Orange Co.
Alburg: 1850-1905, 1905-1916, 1916-? Cambridge: 1875-1890, 1890-present Bradford: 1890-present
Grand Isle: 1899-present Jeffersonville: 1890-present Ely: 1900-present
Morrisville: 1872-present Fairlee: 1860-present
Wolcott: 1910-present Piermont: 1890-present
Randolph: 1877-present
Williamstown: 1888-?
Orleans Co. Rutland Co. Washington Co.
Barton: 1878-present Castleton: 1850-present Barre, CVR: 1908-present
Braintree: 1849-? Danby: 1890-present Barre, M & WR Railroad: 1890-present
Greensboro Bend: 1872-present East Clarendon: 1916-present Middlesex: 1849-1914, 1914-present
Randolph: 1849-? East Wallingford: 1892-present Montpellier: 1850-1880, 1880-present
Fair Haven: 1890-present Montpelier Junction: 1870-1902, 1905-1933, 1934-?
Poultney: 1870-present (updated in 1917) Northfield: 1849-?, 1852-present
Rutland: 1900-present Roxbury: 1849-?, 1867-present
Summit: 1888-present Waterbury: 1849-?, 1875-present
Wallingford: 1870-present Williamstown: 1888-?
Windham Co. Windsor Co.
Bellows Falls: 1922-present Bethel: 1849-?, 1879-present
Brattleboro Union Station: 1915-present Chester: 1875-present
Newfane: 1880-present Hartford: 1849-?
Putney: 1956-present Ludlow: 1860-present
South Londonderry: 1880-present Norwich: ?-present
Westminster: ?-present Royalton: 1849-present
Sharon: 1849-?
South Royalton: 1886-present
White River Junction: 1848-1911, 1911-1935, 1938-Present
Windsor: 1849-?
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