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Classic Cottage

The Classic Cottage was a popular mid-19th century (1840s-1860s) New England style that can be described as an evolution of the traditional Cape Cod. The Classic Cottage employs the 1 1/2 story, eaves-front Cape Cod form with the Greek Revival details popular in the mid-19th century. Houses can be a full cape (having a centrally located entrance flanked by two windows on each side), a 3/4 cape (having a slightly off-center entrance with one window on one side and two windows on the other side), or a 1/2 cape (a side entrance with two windows on one side). Greek Revival details may include corner pilasters (flat columns along the corner edge), a wide cornice band (the band beneath the eaves of the roof), flat pilasters and entablature surrounding the door (flat columns that flank the door and the wide molding above the door), and sidelights (the narrow windows flanking the door).

The image below illustrates a 3/4 Classic Cottage. The 2-over-2 sash windows are most likely replacements. The original structure would have probably had 6-over-6 windows.

Classic Cottage

Classic Cottage: Image courtesy of Elizabeth André

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