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Popular in the 1880s and 1890s, the Shingle style is seen predominantly on large, rambling structures, often with the towers and porches of the Queen Anne style. The use of wood shingles to cover the exterior of the structure is indeed a defining feature of the style. However, not all houses with shingles are Shingle style. Additionally, houses in this style have an irregular plan, large, gable roofs that encompass the upper story and broad wall planes. An arched porch may be recessed into an upper story, a tower may be present, and a heavy stone veneer with a round arch entrance may be incorporated into the first story.

A few examples of the Shingle style are seen below. Note the recessed porch in the dormer of the image on the left, the stone veneer in the image on the right, the Queen Anne style porch in lower left image, and the large, prominent gables in the lower right image.

Shingle Style Shingle Style

Single Style Shingle Style

Shingle Style: Images courtesy of Elizabeth André

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