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A View of the Burlington Waterfront
This photograph shows the Burlington Waterfront from the edge of Battery Park. In the front of the photo is a steep grassy hill that slopes towards the waterfront. The hill leads down to a patch of deciduous trees that have yet to grow their annual leaves. This picture was taken during spring. Past the trees we see some telephone poles and electrical wires. Underneath the power lines there is a row of apartment buildings. Just past the telephone poles are several sets of railroad tracks. In the middle left side of the photo, is a parking lot with several cars in it. In the right middle of the photo, is flat grassy park area. Cutting through this grass is the Burlington bike path. On the near lake shore is a pedestrian boardwalk. Above the boardwalk is a pier leading out to a building. Past the building there are several more buildings comprising Burlington’s waterfront. Near the shore we can see a ferry sized boat heading south towards the South shore of Burlington Bay, which is Oakledge Park. In the top right of the photograph we see another peninsula jutting into the lake. Past this peninsula is the New York shore of Lake Champlain, and the Adirondack Mountains. Typically there are breakers (from the breakwater) near the Burlington shore, which control boat activity near Burlington’s docks. However, due to the extremely high lake level, the breakwater is completely submerged under water. Compared to the past photograph of this area, we can see that there has been much economic change in this area. The Burlington waterfront has been converted from an industrial work site, to an open access community common.
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Kyle Adelman
Kyle Adelman
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