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Buildings on Cleared Area of Camel's Hump
1860 - 1890
Back reads, "House & Barn on Camel's Hump, Vt." The stereoview shows a view from above of a house, barn, and outhouse in a small clearing on Camel's Hump. The clearing appears to have been recently cleared with several stumps and tree debris in the area. There are several outcrops in the area including a large outcrop in the foreground. There are some people (possibly the family who owns the house) standing and sitting on an outcrop to the right of the house. There is a lighter colored area near the house suggesting soil erosion. Esther Munroe Swift writes on 2007-02-01: The site of this view is in Duxbury, which was one of the several grants made by Benning Wentworth in 1763. It was one of the poorest, being rocky & very hilly, with many brooks & streams that flow into the Winooski. Samuel Ridley owned acres of timber land a ran a large sawmill. Samuel Jr. was much more interested in the tourist business. He first buit a fine hotel in Duxbury near the RR station He first built a road & then a bridle path up the mountain and the guest house seen in this photo. Kimberley Beal writes on 2008-01-24: The area shown is in the sub-alpine or fir zone of the mountain. Up-right Balsam Firs give way to stunted krummholz trees of the same species just before the alpine vegetation of the summit. Heart-Leaved Birch and Black Spruce also grow with firs in sub alpine forests.
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Special Collections, Bailey/Howe Library, University of Vermont
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