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Winooski large mill
This is a photograph of one of the mills in Winooski. It was taken from the road/bridge that crosses over the river. The picture shows a mill building that stretches the length of the photograph and is dark red brick. It looks almost like a split level building, each section having three rows of about 15 windows. The windows seemed to be lined in a dark green color. The river is not very high and it looks like there is a small fence differentiating the river and the beginning of the mill. If you look closely in the front of the picture you can see the beginning of the waterfall. The left side of the picture is covered by a tree that has just begun to get its leaves. In the top right of the picture you can see a building behind the mill. The picture looks like it was taken on a partly cloudy day. Note debris in river from spring snow melt flooding. Clearly this picture is different from the original because it was not taken during a flood. Secondly, it appears as though it was taken from a little further down from the waterfall which is no longer possible due to traffic patterns. Finally, in the original there is a water tower behind the mill but in this picture there is a smoke stack.
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Elyse Stiner
Elyse Stiner
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Elyse Stiner
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