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Railroad Tracks Underneath Middlebury Center
This image captures the railroad tracks and short tunnel which pass underneath Merchants Row in Middlebury Center. The church and post office to the left as well as the large building with ornate windows to the right are still intact though they appear to have had minor renovations. The pole which once had a train signal of some kind on it in the old photo is still located to the left of the tracks, as well as the original stone walls on either side of the tracks. The tunnel and tracks look exactly the same as in the old photo. The fence to the left is new and modern, and the wood and metal fence as well as the landscaped shrubbery to the right, before the church, are also new additions to the image. The fence lining Merchants Row is still the same as in the original image. Much of the vegetation is new in the foreground and background of the image, despite the fact that the old photo was taken in the winter, and the reshoot in late spring, most noticeably the large fir tree in the left background. There is no longer a traffic light located to the left of the tracks on Merchants Row, and the telephone poles and wires which obstructed the older image are gone in the reshot image. The large building the the center-left is also no longer in the present location. The vines which cover the outside wall of the church in the old photo have been removed. The cars are noticeably more modern and there is a large hose or pipe creeping along the left stone wall of the railroad tracks. The tracks appear largely unchanged.
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Katie Gladstein
Katie Gladstein
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Katie Gladstein
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