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Aerial Photo of Town

Aerial Photo of Town
East Montpelier
1950 - 1960
This is an aerial view of a town and pond. In the foreground to the right there is a house built on the water's edge. Another house is built across the street which has a garden next to the house. A truck has just crossed the bridge to the left of these houses. This bridge leads to a cluster of houses at the intersection of a few streets. Some of these look like homes while others look like commercial buildings. Towards the left side of the photo there is another bridge around the location where a dam must be as this seems to be where the river is dammed creating the pond. On the far side of the bridge are some industrial buildings, one of which has a walkway built over the street connecting two buildings. These may be mill buildings. A church with steeple can be seen further to the left along this road. There area few more buildings above the pond on a side street. A couple of these may be farm houses as there seem to be barns and outbuildings. The upper side of the photo captures some cleared land on either side of woods. Several cars and trucks can be seen throughout the photo. Esther Munroe Swift writes on 2005-5-15: The town of East Montpelier was created by the Vermont legislature in 1848, by dividing the town of Montpelier which had been chartered 14 August 1781 to Colonel Jacob Davis & associates who also got the town of Calais the following day. The division gave Montpelier the best water sites and most of the population. East Montpelier got five-sixths of the land and little else. Early on, the U.S. postal service in 1826 had added to the confusion by naming the first office in what is now East Montpelier simply East Village; and then later changed it to North Montpelier. After a year of wrangling the name finally became East Montpelier. That office is still in operation. In 1841 a second office was established & named North Montpelier. It too is still in operation. But even today there is confusion about the names and where Montpelier City ends and East Montpelier town begins. Lori Pinard writes on 2005-11-7: This is the North Montpelier section of East Montpelier Township. The road going left to right through the center of the photo is Route 14. Factory Street is the road above the pond. Route 214 (to Plainfield) is the route in the foreground to the left. The church building in the upper left half of photo has been demolished. Loona Brogan writes on 2006-9-6: Some arboreal observations: the building at the corner of what is now Route 14 and 214 is currently the Riverbend Store. That prominent White Pine growing on the corner there has been cut down in the last few years. There are two still-existing tall pines just along the parking lot of the store on 214 now that are likely descendents of the great pine that lived on the corner. As the eyes follow the photo left along Route 14, just after the bridge lived what appears to be an elegant American Elm which probably succumbed, as most American Elms did, to Dutch Elm disease between the 1950s and the 1970s.
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