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Cutting Hay near Harveys Lake in Barnet

Cutting Hay near Harveys Lake in Barnet
Photographer Paul O. Boisvert captured this view of a farmer cutting hay near Harvey's Lake in Barnet in the summer of 1999. The farmer drives a large John Deer tractor across the sloping field that fills the foreground of the image. The left half of the field has already been cut. At the far edge of the field, at the bottom of the slope, sit what appear to be two Ranch houses. Each house is one story and has a gable roof. The house on the left appears to have flower boxes beneath the windows, and the house on the right has a chimney at the center of the roof. Utility lines pass over the rooftops of the houses. Two automobiles are parked in the yard of the house on the left. Large conifers and deciduous trees grow around the perimeter of the properties. The two houses sit on the near shore of Lake Barnet. There appears to be a boat docked along the shore near the houses. The clear waters of the lake reflect the trees that grow along the shore. A dozen or more wood-frame dwellings line the far shore of the lake. Most of the dwellings have gable roofs and wide porches. A few piers extend over the lake from the shore. Conifers and deciduous trees grow in a thick forest behind the houses. Open, hilly farm fields roll across the landscape beyond the forest. Small houses and farm buildings dot the landscape. Forested hills rise in the distance. Dave Warden writes on 2008-02-28: Harvey's Lake not Barnet Lake All rights reserved, copyright Vermont Life Magazine. Contact Vermont Life at
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Cutting hay above Harvey's Lake in Barnet, photograph by Paul O. Boisvert
Agricultural machinery; Automobiles; Buildings; Chimneys; Conifers; Culture; Deciduous; Dwellings; Electric lines--Poles and towers; Forests and Plants; Geology; Haying equipment; Hills; Human Constructs; Lakes; Landforms; Landscapes; Living Things; Machinery; Men; Nature; Pastures; People; Plants; Rural; Season; Shrubs; Summer; Time; Transportation; Trees; Wood poles; Wooden-frame buildings;
Vermont Life
Paul O. Boisvert
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