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Burlington Ice Storm

Burlington Ice Storm
Home at 86 Brookes Avenue with tree, bushes and utility line coated in ice. Kate Gladstein writes on 2008-12-29: The home of 86 Brookes Avenue is central in this angular shot the street, taken in January of 1998. There are icicles hanging from power lines as well as from the branches of several trees and once bush about the property. Five visible trees as well as a telephone pole follow Brookes Avenue and separate it from the sidewalk, which borders residential front lawns. This bit of land, which separates Brookes Avenue from the sidewalk, is lightly snow-covered. The front lawn, as well as the roof of 86 Brookes Avenue, is also lightly covered with snow, and the bushes, which obscure the front porch of the home, are adorned with ice, most noticeably the taller evergreen shrub. At four different locations on the lawn and sidewalk at the front of this home are bunches of fallen branches. These abundant clusters of fallen branches indicate the presence of a recent ice storm. It is likely that this ice storm is responsible for the power line and tree branch icicles, and that it was a powerful storm capable of tearing many limbs from trees. There appear to be three floors in 86 Brookes Avenue, as well as a front porch at the right of the property, a walkway that leads from the porch to the sidewalk, and a driveway to the left of the home. A brown stone or at least textured foundation (Monkton quartzite) at the base of the home is adorned with at least one window, and there is a red hatchback car (Honda, 1984 civic) parked in the driveway with a Vermont license plate. There is a large evergreen tree located to the left of the driveway whose branches, seemingly also weighed down by the storm ice, grace the surface of 86 Brookes' roof at the left rear of the home.
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