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1894 Decoration Day in West Burke

1894 Decoration Day in West Burke
This image shows veterans lined up for a Decoration Day celebration. Behind the line of veterans, there is a line of women, presumably the wives of the veterans. The women are all wearing dresses. Behind the group of women there are several horse and carriages riding up the dirt road. Standing several feet to the right of the line of veterans there is a group of boys. Behind this line of boys there is a line of girls who are all wearing dresses. Almost everyone is wearing a hat. The town appears very dressed up for the Decoration Day. Everyone is standing on what looks to be a dirt road that leads into town. To the right of the dirt road, there appears to be a dirt sidewalk and then a wooden fence, where there are people sitting. Off to the side of the road there is a large wood-framed building three stories tall. In front of the building there appears to be a pile of firewood and next to it a pile of wooden boxes. Way behind the group of people posing for the photograph there are various other people standing or riding in carriages along the road. In the distance there are several other wood-framed buildings, one appears to be a barn, and the others look like houses with chimneys. Beyond the houses, there is grass, and deciduous and coniferous trees. In the background there is a field of grass and a tree-covered mountain. The season is late spring. Dwayne Garfield writes on 2009-11-10: The large building is The Grand Army of The Republic Building, the str. to the right is Rt.5, you are looking from north to south.The group of men in front left are Civil War Vets.
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East Burke Club - George Hayes
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