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Aerial View of Winooski Area: Drive in Theater and Farm

Aerial View of Winooski Area: Drive in Theater and Farm
Aerial view of construction of interstate in Winooski area. Appears to be a drive-in movie theater on the right hand side of the screen. Front and center is large sand or gravel pit. Construction vehicles sit on the interstate overpasses where they are doing construction work. Large fields fill the left hand side of the screen where a farm sits. A small town sits back behind the trees. Pete Chagnon writes on 2010-06-07: The drive-in theater is the Moutain View Drive-in. That empty field to the upper left of the interstate is now occupied by Costco's and other business's. The gravel pit is still in operation. The small town in the background is part of Winooski, I believe.
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Vermont Department of Highways. Town: Winooski & Burlington. Hwy. No.: I89, I189. Photographed: Sep 17 1963. By: Donald Wiedenmayer. Neg. No.: 7877 - 7895 Aerials - Winooksi Bridge and Burlington Interchanges. / Winooski I 89 U.S. Rte. 7 Interchange
Agricultural machinery; Agriculture; Animals; Asphalt pavers (machinery); Automobiles; Barns; Beef Cattle; Bridges; Buildings; Cattle; Chimneys; Cities and towns; Clearcutting; Commercial buildings; Conifers; Culture; Dairy Cattle; Dairy farming; Deciduous; Driveways; Dwellings; Earth Materials; Earthmoving machinery; Ecosystems; Electric lines--Poles and towers; Embankments; Excavation; Express highways; Farming; Field Crops; Forest plants; Forests and Plants; Geology; Grassland plants; Highway engineering; Hills; Human Activity; Human Constructs; Industrial buildings; Lampposts; Landforms; Landscapes; Living Things; Logging; Machinery; Meadows; Men; Nature; Pastures; People; Plants; Road building machinery; Roads; Roads,Paved; Rocks; Rural; Rural roads; Season; Shrubs; Stone walls and Fences; Streets; Summer; Time; Traditional farming; Traffic signs and signals; Transportation; Trees; Trucks; Wire fencing; Wood poles; Wooden fences; Wooden-frame buildings; Work; Vermont Agency of Transportation photographs, 1909-2001. (Record series A-082) Pete Chagnon writes on 2010-07-15: The area in the upper left to center is Camp Johnson. The buildings in the upper part would also be along Rt 15 going by St Mikes, part of Colchester, maybe even part of the old Fort Ethan Allen, which the Air Force had recently shut down.
Vermont State Archives and Records Administration
Donald Wiedenmayer
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