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A group of runners running through a field

A group of runners running through a field
This black and white image shows a group of at least seven runners running at an angle towards the camera from left to right. This is mostly likely a Craftsbury Running Camp doing some sort of workout. There are five people standing on the sides either spectating or helping organize the workout. The closest runner in the image is on the right half of the photo and is a woman with short dark hair. She is wearing a white tank top, running shorts, white sneakers, and a white watch on her right wrist. Slightly behind, and to the woman's right, is an older man with grey hair, sunglasses, no shirt, a heart rate strap around his chest, a black watch on his right wrist, white running shorts, and Asics sneakers. The next runner is a man with short dark hair, glasses, a white t-shirt, short running shorts, a watch, and white sneakers. Behind him is a woman with a dark curly hair, sunglasses, a white tank with a dark stripe across the chest, running shorts, and dark-colored sneakers. Behind her is a shirtless man with running shorts and sneakers. There are two more male runners behind the shirtless runner. On either side of the group are two men facing away from the camera. The man on the left is balding with a white t-shirt, dark shorts, and sneakers and the man on the right is shirtless with white shorts. There's a third person walking towards the camera near the end of the group of runners. This person is wearing a dark shirt and is carrying some papers or a notebook in his/her right hand. To this person's right (in the left most section of the image) are three people in white shirts. The field that the runners are crossing consists of short mowed grass. The grass is worn down to dirt where the first three runners are running. At the far edge of the field in the background are some bushes as well as some deciduous trees (with leaves) and evergreens. In the far right background of the image is what appears to be the corner of a soccer goal. The sky above is full of puffy white clouds. It appears to be a partially sunny summer day.
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Craftsbury Outdoor Center
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Kaitlynn Miller
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HP Elitedesk 800 desktop computer, CanoScan LiDE 90 scanner
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Caitlin Patterson
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