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Aerial Photograph of Drawbridge
North Hero
Grand Isle
Aerial photograph of drawbridge on Lake Champlain. Calley Hastings (WQ2007) writes on 2007-01-05: This photograph shows an aerial view of a draw bridge on Lake Champlain. The bridge appears to be made of metal. The road is paved and you can see dotted lines on the road in the top left hand corner. There are two buildings before the draw bridge. There is a small building with four windows facing the viewer. The roof is flat and has a small chimney. There are two trucks driving over the causeway. One seems to have a name written on and may be a truck used for transportation of goods or services. Across the bridge in the upper left hand corner of the picture is a farm with a silo. The farm is next to a cluster of buildings, potentially farm outbuildings or residential houses. Past the farm there are other roadside houses. The land near the farm is flat and appears to be in pasture. Trees lines, and in particular elm trees dissect the land. Varied tree species line the waters edge. The deciduous trees in the picture do not have leaves. There is no snow on the ground and the water is not frozen. This picture was probably taken in the late spring or early fall.
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Bridges; Culture; Deciduous; Drawbridges; Forests and Plants; Geology; Human Constructs; Lakes; Landforms; Living Things; Nature; Roads; Roads,Paved; Trees;
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Elizabeth Stanley Mann
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Aerial Photograph
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Agency of Transportation Collection
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