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Collapsed building
Mount Tabor
This image shows a collapsed building on the left side of the dirt road. There is another low building on the right side of the photograph with a smoke stack. There is a round dome in the center on the field just before the woods. Could this be an oven for firing bricks? The caption for the photograph reads, "Old Job". The landscape in the background is forested mountains. In the foreground is the dirt road in an open field. Esther Munroe Swift writes on 2005-4-20: Although it now has few residents the town of Mount Tabor has some interesting history. It was granted by Benning Wentworth, Governor of New Hampsire 28 August 1761 and given the name of Harwich honoring a British nobleman, Baron Harwich. By 1803 the Harwich name so often was confused with Hardwick that the townspeople asked to have it re-named Mount Tabor in honor of a Revolutionary War Veteran, Gidon Tabor who had arrived in town in 1784 after 4 years in service. When the town was formally organized in 1788 Gideon was elected Moderator and later town Reprentative. When he died in 1824 his record for town service was: 28 years as Moderator; Representative to the Legislature 30 years & Justice of the Peace for the same number of years. The first post office was established as Mount Tabor in 1875 & in 1891 changed to Griffith in honor of Vermont\'s first millionaire, Silas L. Griffith. He lived over the line in Danby but most of the mail coming to and out going was for his lumbering operations, saw mills & charcoal plant in Mount Tabor. There is no longer a post office in town and all but about 3,000 acres are part of the Green Mountain National Forest. The round structure in the view is probably one of the remaining charcoal kilns. Victor R. Rolando writes on 2005-12-16: That is a charcoal kiln in center background; remains still visible in 1980s. Remains of 10 collapsed kilns at left. \"Road\" is today\'s Long Trail, view at Old Job looking northwesterly.
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