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I 89 construction adjacent to Bolton Falls
This image shows an aerial view of a construction area for Interstate 89 along a road near a river. There is an eroding hill slope in the right foreground of the photograph. There are several vehicles and construction equipment scattered along the cleared construction site. There is very little vegetation along the paved road and the construction site and the slopes are showing signs of erosion. There are large piles of boulders stacked along the sides of construction roads. There are also several areas of exposed bedrock along the slope on the right and the right bank of the river. The left bank of the river is mostly deciduous trees with a large utility tower beside a waterfall at center on the left. There is little riparian vegetation on the right river bank. There are no leaves on the deciduous trees because it is late fall. Skip Flanders writes on 2009-11-25: This is construction of I89 and relocation of Route 2 in the town of Waterbury along the Winooski River adjacent to the Bolton Falls Dam. The old Route 2 can be seen following along the river and in zoom you can see the observation pull out on Route 2 to view the Dam and Gorge and beautiful view of Camel's Hump. Today Route 2 is relocated in this vicinity of the further side of I 89 from the river. Skip Flanders writes on 2013-01-07: A better title would be I 89 construction adjacent to Bolton Falls
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