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Burlington Ice Storm
View looking south toward UVM on Mansfield Avenue. Trees falling from weight of ice. Kedi Kinner writes on 2008-12-29: The photograph shows the aftermath of a winter ice storm. The view is of Mansfield Avenue looking south towards UVM. On the right of the road is the focus of the photo. There are three large trees bending from the weight of ice on them. Some of the branches have already snapped and are lying on the ground next to the tree. There are three large branches that are extremely bent and are reaching towards the ground. Behind the three large trees, a white house can be seen. There are five visible windows and a door on the house. On the left hand side of the photo is a set of power lines. To the left of the first of three power line poles a small tree can be seen. This tree has branches bending from the ice storm. The main power lines stretch all the way down the road on the left and occasionally reach out over the road towards the houses on the right. The first branch of wires leads to the white house covered by the trees. The trees cover the connection between the wires and house. The wires appear to also be weighted by the ice. The wires disappear into the trees. In the middle of the road two road cones can be seen. Just beyond the road cones are two cars parked on the side of the road. The road narrows into a central vanishing point. Large buildings can be seen at the end of the road. There is not a lot of snow in the scene; it appears to only be a dusting covering the ground.
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44.48266 N latitude, 73.19901 W longitude
Datum: NAD83
Automobiles; Buildings; Cities and towns; City trees; Conifers; Culture; Deciduous; Dwellings; Electric lines--Poles and towers; Forests and Plants; Geology; Human Constructs; Ice storms; Lampposts; Landscapes; Living Things; Nature; Plants; Roads; Roads,Paved; Season; Shrubs; Sidewalks; Snow; Storms; Streets; Surface Processes; Time; Traffic signs and signals; Transportation; Trees; Winter; Winter storms; Wood poles; Wooden-frame buildings;
Paul Bierman
Paul Bierman
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Jamie Russell
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Canon LIDE 70, Mac OS X 10.4.37
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Jamie Russell
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Day following the storm
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