UVM LCP Bibliography

Bibliographic Resources

The LCP bibliography is intended to cover a broad span of disciplines that link communities with their landscapes. It includes a special section for teachers as well as sections on Ecology, Geology, Mapping, Natural History, Field Guides, Non-print Media, , Shelburne Farms, and Cultural History. Web resources can be found on our Links page.

Our cultural history section includes these subheadings: General Vermont History, Archaeology & Reference, Books for Children and Young Adults, Film and Video, Selected Topics and Sources, Maps


Mapping and Map Making


Favorite Field Guides

Landscape Natural History

Non-print Media:

Teaching References

Cultural History References (General Vermont History, Archaeology & Reference)

Cultural History Resources (Books for Children and Young Adults)

Cultural History Resources (Film and Video)

Cultural History Resource (Selected Topics and Sources)

Cultural History Resources (Maps)

Shelburne Farms Resources

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