Vermont's Interstate Highways - Interpreting the Interstates

Vermont is home to 321 miles of Interstate Highway. How did the building of these massive roads change the most rural state in the Union? Here we provide information to help you learn more about the coming of the highways and how, if at all, they impacted our state.

Landscape Change Program Interstate Images. Click here to view all the images of the Interstate Highways in the Landscape Change Program archive. The images in this collection are from a statewide effort to document the coming of the interstate highway system to Vermont by photographing before, during and after construction of Interstates I-89, I-91 and I-93. The original negatives of these images are held in the Vermont State Archives.
Photographers Notebooks #1-4. The Vermont State Archives and Records Administration holds more than 36,000 images of Interstate Highway Construction. We've digitized notebooks entries for every image or image set and you can download the Excel file by clicking here.
Looking Back: The Vermont Interstate System Blog Keep up with all the latest news and updates to this archive. Click here for Looking Back: The Vermont Interstate System Blog.
Impact of the Interstate Highway system. Read more about the history and cultural impact of the Interstate Highway System by clicking here.
Times-Argus article about David Newhall's research on Interstate-89 though Middlesex. Click here to read the article.
Interpreting the Interstates Click here to read more about the NEH funded Interpreting the Interstates project.
Keywords for Interstate images Click here to view keywords relating to the interstate images.
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