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Aerial Photograph of the Winooski River and Town

Aerial Photograph of the Winooski River and Town
The recent photograph shows cars traveling over the bridge reconstructed after the 1927 flood. The dam upstream of the bridge in the historic image has been removed. The streets have been paved. There are many more trees among the buildings in the new image. The riparian zone has partially reforested. See LS01462 for a similar view. Elana Katz-Mink (WQ2007) writes on 2007-01-04: This photo was taken in late spring or summer as the trees are in full bloom. The mills along the edge of the river are still in place. Where the small outcrop on the bottom left corner used to be emerging from the water (down river of the second dam), there are now trees and the platform of rock out of the water is larger. The street car/trolley that once ran along the near bank of the river from the second dam (left side) to the bottom left edge of the photo has now been paved and made a street for cars. Not much seems to have changed in the neighborhoods, aside from the reconstruction of the bridge, the dam removal, and the parking lot behind the mill on the far side of the bank (opposite from the viewer) close to the first dam (right side). The streets and number of houses seem to be an almost exact replica.
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Elizabeth Stanley Mann
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