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Aerial of UVM Central Campus

Aerial of UVM Central Campus
This photo shows the central campus of the University of Vermont. In the middle of the photo running west is College Street, which connects with Prospect Street. Right on the corner of College and Prospect is Waterman building with a parking lot and the student health clinic to the left. Continuing down College Street several houses can be seen, they are various homes, fraternity houses, and university offices or departments. Along the bottom left of the photograph South Williams Street can be seen connecting with College Street. The white building is 70 S. Williams Street and it is the Philosophy Department. Across the green with criss-crossing walkways from Waterman is University Place; starting at the left side of the picture from the junction of University Place and Colchester Avenue/Pearl Street is Ira Allen Chapel with the clock tower, then Billings Student Center with Votey building visible behind it, and Kalkin directly behind Votey. Behind the chapel Torrey Hall and Perkins Building can be seen, behind those buildings the Fleming Museum with white trim can be seen. To the right of Billings is Williams Hall, then Old Mill. Behind Williams and Old Mill is Cook Physical Science building. To the right of Old Mill is the Royall Tyler Theater and behind that is the Bailey/Howe Library. Behind the library there is the Given Medical Center and Rowell Hall along Carrigan Drive. To the left of Rowell is the castle-looking residence hall of Converse with Chittenden, Buckham, and Wills residence halls in front of that. To the left of Converse is Fletcher Allen Hospital. To the left behind that is the junction of Colchester Avenue and East Avenue, right at the edge of Trinity campus. Centennial Field is visible behind East Avenue. Behind Centennial Field the land is heavily forested with deciduous and coniferous trees all the way back to the Winooski River and Interstate-89. In the top right corner the Burlington International Airport can be seen.
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