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Construction at Elizabeth Mines

Construction at Elizabeth Mines
This historic photograph documents the construction of a large building at the Elizabeth Mines in Strafford, Vermont. In the foreground, a snow covered hill gives way to a large wooden staging, which is set up adjacent to the newly constructed building. This staging is scattered with various pieces of woody debris and waste lumber, and has an iron handrail running along its edge. Sitting upon the staging in the middle of the photograph sits a worker next to a device that looks like a propane heater. Next to the man there appears to be a number of lanterns, their purpose unknown. In front of the staging is the new building, which is framed in a modern style (lumber framed not timber framed). Working on this building are at least three men, each of which are working on framing the top story. A makeshift wooden ladder (visible on the right side of the building) allows workers access to the building's different levels. Beyond the building, the rest of the snow-covered hill is visible. On the left side of the hill, some excavation has occurred, which suggests that part of the hillside may have been removed to make room for the structure. At the bottom of the hill, a small wire fence can be seen running around the property (left), while a worker stands talking to another man who is partially hidden behind the building (right). In the background the rest of the valley spreads out beyond the building, which is composed of young deciduous trees and derelict mine buildings. The most dominant of these old buildings is the old smokestack, which is still visible upon the hillside. The dominant tree cover in this area is a deciduous tree, however a group of conifer trees is visible upon the top of the ridge on the right of the photograph. The faint outline of distant mountains can be seen through the haze beyond the hills. Season is winter.
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Corey Coutu
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Collamer Abbott Collection
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Mine reopened at the beginning of WWII. This would appear to be construction related to that reopening.
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