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Windy Bay Farm House and Barn
This historic photograph captures Windy Bay Farm in the village of Peacham. This wood-frame, gable-roof farm house was likely constructed around the mid-19th century as a Classic Cottage. Note the pediment roof and classically-inspired door surround. A wing, with a steeply-pitched gable roof, extends off the rear of the dwelling. The steeply-pitched roof is a hallmark of the Gothic Revival style, which was popular in Vermont around the 1860s and 1870s. There is a porch inset into the wing, upon which thick vines grow. A large barn, with a ventilator atop the roof, is located at the rear right corner of the house. It is unclear whether or not this barn is connected to the house. A wood picket fence encloses the front yard of the house, and another wood fence runs alongside the barn. A large deciduous tree grows in the front yard. Smaller fruit trees are scattered across the lawn in front of the barn. A thick band of trees is visible in the far distance, to the left of the house. A narrow, dirt road runs across the foreground of the photograph. The road forks and curves off toward the barn. There is evidence of horse-drawn carriage tracks in the dirt road. The season is likely spring, as the fruit trees are blossoming. The Windy Bay Farm is now located in the Peacham Corner Historic District, School District 1.
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44.31716 N latitude, 72.18399 W longitude
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Windy Bay Farm; Greek Revival; Peacham Corner Historic District, School District 1
Autumn; Barns; Buildings; Chimneys; Culture; Deciduous; Driveways; Dwellings; Farm buildings; Flowers; Forests and Plants; Human Constructs; Landscapes; Living Things; Nature; Outbuildings; Plants; Roads; Roads,Earth; Rural; Season; Shade trees; Shrubs; Stone walls and Fences; Streets; Time; Trees; Village communities; Wooden fences; Wooden-frame buildings;
Peacham Historical Society
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Elizabeth André
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Canon LIDE60, G4 Powerbook
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Paul Bierman
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PHA275, Maxine Long
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Date given by the Peacham Historical Society.
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