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View of Mill #19, Rutland

View of Mill #19, Rutland
West Rutland
1890 - 1930
This black and white photograph provides a view of Mill #19 in Rutland from a surrounding hillside. Small shrubs and grasses surround a rocky outcrop directly in front of the viewer. The mill is located in a valley and the opposite hillside is wooded. The lower left slope of the opposite hill is fairly cleared, and along its base the roofs of several buildings can be seen, evidence of a small village community. The mill itself is a long one to two story building. The ground level is a series of garage entryways spanning the entire length of the building, above which are continuous multi-paned windows. Railroad tracks run the length of the mill, along which stand several derricks that serve to load and unload the marble blocks piled in front of the mill onto railroad cars. In the open valley behind the mill, several more buildings are visible as well as utility wires.
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Mill #19 West Rutland
Quarries and quarrying; Buildings; Conifers; Cranes,derricks,etc.; Culture; Deciduous; Dwellings; Earth Materials; Ecosystems; Electric lines--Poles and towers; Factories; Forests and Plants; Geology; Grassland plants; Hills; Human Activity; Human Constructs; Industrial buildings; Landforms; Landscapes; Living Things; Machinery; Marble; Marble industry and trade; Meadows; Nature; Outcrops (Geology); Plants; Quarries and quarrying; Railroad tracks; Railroads; Rocks; Rocks,Metamorphic; Shrubs; Stone buildings; Trees; Village communities; Wooden-frame buildings; Work;
The Vermont Marble Museum
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glass negative, similar photographs of Mill #19
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