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142 Mountain Farm along Vermont Route 100
1924 - 2003
The historic image shows a winter scene of a farm in front of a mountain. Snow covers the landscape. A snow fence runs across the foreground of the image. The farmhouse is attached to a barn/garage in classic New England style. There is a very large barn, two silos, a chicken coop, and three other farm buildings to the left of the house. There are open fields around the farm. The landscape is forested on the hills and mountains in the background of the image. Loona Brogan writes on 2006-12-08: The tree on the left side of this image, standing alone in the field, is an American elm. The shrubby-looking trees are probably apple trees. Esther Munroe Swift writes on 2007-02-03: I think this view shows Mount Cobb & Chase Mountain. which are the only two named peaks in the town, which has several others. The photo was taken from the highway. Note the snow fence which indicates that strong winds blow through the valley. Eleanore Hilferty writes on 2009-04-21: It is incorrectly identified as being in Moretown. It is in Waitsfield and is still a farm. I received this email from Kathi Hartshorn Orr: "Actually, I can identify this farm quite well! I grew up there! It was my family's farm. It is on Route 100 in Waitsfield. It was the Hartshorn's Farm in the 60s. The Hartshorn's Farm Stand is right beside it now and Vermont Yak farm is in the old farm buidings currently." Note: the image was originally identified as being in Moretown and has since been changed to Waitsfield. Maary Jane Grace writes on 2019-02-24: That is the Worcester Range behind the farm--the highest point being Hunger Mountain.
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Barns; Buildings; Conifers; Culture; Dairy farming; Deciduous; Dwellings; Elm; Farm buildings; Forests and Plants; Geology; Hills; Human Constructs; Landforms; Landscapes; Living Things; Mountains; Nature; Outbuildings; Pastures; Plants; Rural; Season; Shrubs; Snow; Snow fences; Stone walls and Fences; Time; Trees; Winter; Wire fencing; Wooden-frame buildings; Open_fields
Vermont Historical Society
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