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Delta Psi House
1890 - 1924
This historic photograph is on the property of 85 South Prospect Street. In the foreground are dirt road and a small curb. There is a green strip next to the road with elm trees growing. On the opposite side of the green strip is a sidewalk. The house is a two story wooden structure with a stone foundation. Wooden stairs lead up to the door. There are square wooden columns on either side of the door that hold up a balcony on the second floor. The front section of the house is square with windows framed in white with black shutters. There is a white square cupola centered on the apex of the roof over the front section of the house. The back section is rectangular and projects out on either side of the front section. It also has windows framed in white with black shutters. On the left side of the house, there is a small porch with a wooden roof and a white wooden railing. Visible on the right of the photograph is another house that is white with a stone foundation. Conifer and deciduous trees surround the houses. The season appears to be summer. Written on the front of the photograph is "Delta Psi, Burlington, VT." Written on the back is "Delta Psi house, 85 South Prospect St. until 1924, later music house until 1940.
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Asphalt cement; Buildings; Change; Conifers; Culture; Deciduous; Dwellings; Elm; Flowers; Forests and Plants; Human Constructs; Living Things; Nature; Pavements; Plants; Roads; Roads,Earth; Roads--Widening; Schools; Season; Shrubs; Sidewalks; Streets; Summer; Time; Tree planting; Trees; Wooden-frame buildings;
University of Vermont Archives
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Amanda Sawicki
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Utility lines. Remained Delta Psi House until 1924.
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