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Aerial View of Campus (Looking North)

Aerial View of Campus (Looking North)
This historic photograph is an aerial view of campus looking north and showing the cities reservoirs. In the foreground, the UVM campus is visible, framed in by Main Street, University Place, and Colchester Avenue. On Main Street, houses 589 and 590 (Johnson House) are visible, the rest of the area adjacent to Main is pasture and farmland. Behind 589 Main are planted fields and rows of fruit trees. Adjacent to 589 Main and the fenced in city reservoirs, a growing housing development is in the field. Here a street with house is in view, with a new house on an end lot nearing completion. Lining University Place is Morrill Hall, Old Mill, Williams Science, The Billings Library, and Ira Allen Chapel. University place and the UVM Green appear heavily forested with deciduous tree species. Turning right on to Colchester Avenue, the Mansfield House, Perkins Hall, and the Commons Hall (Now the Fleming Museum) line the street. On the corner of Colchester Avenue and East Avenue, the old Hospital and Converse Hall are also in view. While there is much development around the perimeter of campus, the heart of campus is still a partially forested woodlot. Surrounding the UVM campus is the city of Burlington, along with the city of Winooski occupying the adjacent hillside. Both of these cities appear well forested, but are also surrounded by numerous cleared fields and pastures. In Winooski, the Winooski Mill and River are visible, and the riparian zone appears partially forested. Route Seven is visible leaving Winooski, leading off towards Colchester in the upper right hand side of the photograph. Mallets Bay is visible in the left. In the background, small-forested hills appear in the distance. The season is summer. Photograph courtesy of Fairchild Aerial, OP order number 12390. For more information on UVM and UVM Buildings check out
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