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Aerial View of Burlington Harbor

Aerial View of Burlington Harbor
1970 - 1980
This image shows an aerial view of the Burlington Harbor with Lake Champlain to the right. A ferry is entering port near the shore and several grain towers and the Moran Plant are visible along the shore. Houses are in rows along city streets to the left and mostly deciduous trees line the streets. Note the location of the more industrial buildings close to the water and the residential buildings further from the lake. Battery Park, a partially forested area with a few paths, is visible to the left as well. The majority of the visible trees are elms with coloring leaves. The season is fall. Pete Chagnon writes on 2009-08-23: Excellent view of the waterfront before renovation. The Moran plant has a pile of coal next to it, while the Texaco tank farm is toward the bottom. The road by it is now part of the bikepath. Flat roofed building next to the park is now the police station, then, it was Brewer Motors. The area from the park towards the bottom of the picture is North Avenue, up to North Street, which is on the bottom left. Barely visible is what is now Burlington City College building, then Colodnys. Just beyond the park, upper center, is Pearl Street, where Cathedral Square now is. Demolition for urban renewal has already started (upper left.) Just above the Moran plant is the area where the US Coast Guard building now stands and the new water plant. Where the tracks are is now the waterfront park area.The tank farm towards the center was Shell oil, in front is the Queen City junk yard and to the right, the old Coast Guard station. The area to the left, across the road from the tank farm, is now condos. Then, it was Rice lumber yard and a idle factory (smoke stack visible also) on the waterfront, center right, is an old depot building, now the boardwalk area, and the Naval Reserve Center, now Echo. The pilings to the right of those has become the boat house.
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Burlington Department of Parks and Recreation
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