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100B Road Work

100B Road Work
This image is taken, perhaps in Plainfield, Vermont, of Route 100B road construction. A sign that reads, "Equip at Work" can be seen to the right, standing atop a paved roadway. In the distance a truck is visible while few men appear to be working on the roadway. In the distance, to the left of the road, a dwelling structure is noticeable, while to the right of the road farm buildings stand. A small fence lines the pasture, to the right, while a rolling landscape covered in trees stands in the background of the photo. Metadata reads, "Safety Hats. With Vest and Sign: Charles Metcalf of Plainfield. Black Parka: Donald Barclay of Montpelier. Sweater: Clarence Lamson of Waterbury." Karl Johnson writes on 2012-01-19: Route 100B is not in Plainfield. (100B is located between Middlesex and the Intersection of 100 and 100B just south of Moretown.) I am familiar with both Plainfield and 100B - this reminds me of a stretch of Route 100, not 100B, just to the south of the intersection of 100 and 100B just North of where the 'Old Talc Mine Road enters 100B from the West (O.T.M. Rd. would be entering from the right in this photo), but not 100% sure. Skip Flanders writes on 2012-01-26: Karl Johnson is correct this is Route 100 b in Moretown just south of Middlesex Village and Middlesex Dam. The Farm and Barn in the background was prevously owned by Florence and Howard Turner. This section of road had been reconstructed. The picture was taken looking south toward Moretown.
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Safety Hats - See 7931 - 7936. 100B. With Vest and Sign: Charles Metcalf of Plainfield. Black Parka: Donald Barclay of Montpelier. Sweater: Clarence Lamson of Waterbury
Work; Wood poles; Wire fencing; Trucks; Trees; Transportation; Stone walls and Fences; Roads--Design and construction; Roads,Paved; Roads; People; Pastures; Nature; Mountains; Men; Living Things; Landscapes; Landforms; Human Constructs; Human Activity; Geology; Forests and Plants; Farm buildings; Electric lines--Poles and towers; Earthwork; Dwellings; Deciduous; Culture; Conifers; Buildings;
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