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Custom Craft Corporation

Custom Craft Corporation
This black and white photograph looks down Vermont Route 116A/2A in Williston. The paved highway extends up the right side of the image. Utility poles line the road. Advertisements for the Custom Craft Corporation are posted along the left side of the road. A dwelling and several farm buildings are sited on the right side of the road. A cluster of deciduous trees shades the dwelling. Fenced farm fields spread out around the farm complex. A wood fence encloses more farm fields on the left side of the road. A few dwellings and commercial buildings, including a Mobil station, are clustered further up the left side of the road. Forested hills are visible in the distance over the rooftops of the farm buildings. A bit of snow covers the ground. The season is winter. Richard Workman writes on 2013-06-24: This is actually a view looking east on US Route 2 toward the intersection of 116A & 2A (aka "Taft Corners"). To take 116A to St. George/Hinesburg turn right just past farmhouse seen in distance /right of tall sign. To take '2A' to Essex Junction turn left just past Mobil Station seen in distance /left of tall sign. Continuing straight on US Rte 2 will lead to Williston Village. 'Taft Corners' is now a very active commercial center with large malls surrounding it. Richard Workman writes on 2013-06-24: Added note: What was known as Rte. 116A at the time of this photo is now designated as a continuation of Rte 2A... which, when taken south (right turn), will intersect Rte 116 in St. George.
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Custom Craft Corporation Williston S 0207 (1). 116-A. Jan. 13, 1964.
Wooden-frame buildings; Wooden fences; Wire fencing; Winter; Trees; Transportation; Traffic signs and signals; Time; Stone walls and Fences; Snow; Shrubs; Season; Roads,Paved; Roads; Plants; Pastures; Nature; Living Things; Landscapes; Human Constructs; Grassland plants; Forests and Plants; Farm buildings; Dwellings; Deciduous; Culture; Conifers; Commercial buildings; Cities and towns; Buildings; Barns; Automobiles;
Vermont State Archives and Records Administration
Donald Wiedenmayer
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