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 Exit 11 to US RT 2 Richmond

Exit 11 to US RT 2 Richmond
This black and white photograph captures signage on an I-89 off ramp in Waterbury. The exit ramp curves up the center of the image. Two "Do Not Enter" signs are posted at the end of the ramp in the foreground. The interstate crosses a few bridges as it passes from left to right across the midground of the image. A car is parked at the left side of the road. Forested hills rise beyond the highway. Snow blankets the landscape. The season is winter. Skip Flanders writes on 2013-01-20: This photo is Exit 11 in the town of Richmond. The photo shows the south bound off ramp on to US Rt 2. On the left you can see the I89 bridge over the CVRR tracks. The Volkswagon on the right is parked on the side of US RT 2. A better title is Exit 11 to US RT 2 Richmond John Adams writes on 2013-08-15: Waterbury is Exit 10 East of Richmond. Although I am not as familier with this part of Vermont, I know that Waterbury is about 18 miles or so east of Richmond. I-89 between Burlington and Montplier was complete in the mid 60's. 89 was completed much quicker than 91 which took into the late 70's to finish. I was downcountry in the late 70's in Worcester County.I-89 paralled US 2 from Montpelier to Burlington.
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Off Ramp Signs (Wrong Way). I-89
Winter; Trees; Transportation; Traffic signs and signals; Time; Stone walls and Fences; Snow; Season; Roads--Guard fences; Roads,Paved; Roads; Nature; Mountains; Living Things; Landforms; Human Constructs; Hills; Geology; Forests and Plants; Express highways; Deciduous; Culture; Conifers; Bridges; Automobiles;
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Elizabeth Andre
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Samantha Merrill
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